Chatbots in Real Estate: The Next Big Thing?


Real estate agents are probably always busy. They are always around people providing services and the services have to be exceptional because real estate agents are paid according to how well they work. How do they find their customers? Well, it’s complicated: word of mouth, specialised platform advertisement, social media.

I made an experiment and tried to find a real estate agent to help me sell my house, I called and emailed a dozen real estate agents (phone number is provided on, and I got tired. Most of them didn’t pick up their phone or emailed me back.

How can a real estate agent afford to ignore a potential customer, I thought to myself? Well, they’re probably just busy.

If you’re a busy real estate agent reading this article, here is a very smart solution you can utilize to get more leads. Customer interactions powered by artificial intelligence.

Chatbot definition

Chatbots are used to increase and improve customer interactions. They automatically reply to customers via messengers we use every day. In this article, I talk about Facebook Messenger bot and how real estate agents can benefit from integrating one.

Facebook messenger bot lives on your Facebook page and can be activated via “Send Message” button. As soon as potential customer clicks “Get Started”, chatbot receives a full user name and is able to continue the conversation.

Facebook page with AI Chatbot

👋 Introduce yourself like a pro

Smart introduction with AI chatbot

A lot of visitors don’t convert into leads, because you simply didn’t have a chance to introduce yourself. With a chatbot you increase your chances to stand out from other agents and get this precious chance to tell about yourself, as well as continue the dialog in a very friendly manner.

🚀 Lead generation machine

Chatbots, if used right, can be a lead generation machine. Here is why:

  • Chatbots have meta information about your visitors,
  • Chatbots understand context,
  • Chatbots understand natural language.

Flows to capture visitors data are limited only by your imagination.

Capturing customer’s data

🗣 Customized notifications

Well, you have all your customers in one place, you can capture their data and convert them into leads. What now? Now you can literally subscribe them to receive customized notifications about:

  • Open houses
  • New listings
  • Real estate news
Smart notifications to reach more customers

⚙️ Built-in services

Chatbots have endless capabilities. Their interfaces are perfect for customer interactions. You can display pictures, create countless dialogs, have small talk. You can even integrate useful tools into chatbots for clients to come back again and again:

  • Free home valuation
  • Maps with crime statistics
  • Maps with school reviews
  • Mortgage calculator
  • Appointment scheduling

💡 Commonly asked questions

Real estate agent has to answer same questions over and over again. Why not build a tool which can engage clients and reply to commonly asked questions. Chatbots we build has canned replies to over 200 commonly asked questions such as:

  • Can a home depreciate in value?
  • What is an escrow officer?
  • What is title insurance?
  • What is preapproval or prequalification?
  • How should I price my home?

Do you want to add a chatbot to your Facebook page and see what your potential customers are interested in? I only scratched the surface of chatbot’s capabilities in this article. There’s more to come.

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